iPhone 4S / iOS 5 Audio Issues with Outgoing Calls

Users reporting more and more problems with the latest iPhone

It appears that iOS 5.0.1 will have to do a lot more than alleviate battery drain issues, as more and more users are reporting new problems with the software, particularly on iPhone 4S handsets.

The latest widespread problem reported on the Apple Support Communities forum concerns no audio on outgoing calls placed with an iPhone 4S.

“Picked up a Verizon iPhone 4S - 32GB and on about 1 in 10 calls I get no outbound audio when dialing,” writes a person identified as TheAmdMAN on Apple’s forum.

“Call shows the timer counting as if the call is progressing but absolutely no ring back and cannot hear the party on the other end when they answer,” he adds.

Another user chimes in to say “I am having the same issue with an AT&T 32G 4s, hitting the speaker button only works sometimes. It also has happened to me when using the Apple provided headphones/microphone.”

Some claim to have found a workaround by toggling ‘mute’ on and off, but it remains a workaround, a temporary fix. Apple will be required to address this via software update. Hopefully the problem is not hardware-bound.

Last week, another growing thread was noticed over at Apple Support Communities. There, users were discussing another audio issue that involved echoing sound. It appears that Apple’s newest iPhone doesn’t perform well when used with hands-free equipment.

The company is already testing incremental iOS 5.0.1 builds internally, but has not provided an exact release date. The best an Apple spokesperson could offer was the promise of a release within “a few weeks.”

The testing is at its second beta release, which documents some known bugs, but neither one of these audio problems mentioned in this report. We can safely assume that Apple is looking into these issues as it preps a third beta release of iOS 5.0.1 to developers.

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