iPhone 4S Yellow Screen Reports Piling Up on Apple’s Forum

Issue may be temporary, if history is any indication

It appears that no matter how much Apple improves its iPhones, the devices are bound to suffer from at least one problem that the mass media can feed on. This time around, it’s called ‘Yellowgate’, and it has to do with the phone’s screen.

Reports are coming from numerous iPhone 4S buyers about a yellowish tint on their screens. Others are saying the display seems ‘washed out’ referring to contrast.

Many of the people reporting this issue say they’ve compared the device to the older iPhone 4, and they claim to have observed a clear difference in quality. They're now taking to Apple’s forums in hopes of an answer.

The system there says you can award helpful answers with stars. While user Michael Bratley makes a good point in saying this may be a temporary issue, few are taking notice of his post so far.

“This came up last year I recall with iPhone 4,” Bratley writes. “I think it's because the devices have literally just been produced. And should get better with time. I've not had chance to look at mine yet.”

Indeed, some Apple devices, including first-gen and second-gen iPads, have been sold in the past with this yellowish tint on their screens.

iPhone veterans say that rapid assembly is to blame. A layer of glue that still needs to dry is causing the colors to be distorted on-screen, according to people familiar with such matters.

One user said he went to his local store and compared his iPhone 4S to various iPhones with the same results:

“Right, went into an Apple Store, and compared iPhone 4 to my iPhone 4S and with 3 different iPhone 4S in store,” writes Apple forum user Snowglider. “All the iPhone 4S ones in the shop had the same tint as my iPhone 4S. So looks like they are all like that. (I had made sure they were all on the same screen brightness with auto brightness turned off).”

Are you noticing the same issue with your iPhone 4S? Sound off in the comments.

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