iPhone 4 Now Supports Flash via Jailbreak, ‘Frash’ Software

iPhone 3GS, iPad (on iOS 3.2.1) and iPod touches reportedly supported as well

A report by Redmond Pie reveals that someone has managed to compile an iPhone 4 version of Flash, dubbed Frash. iPhone Dev Team member Comex is credited for the possibility of running flash content on iPhone 4. The hacker is notorious for his work on the Spirit and JailbreakMe tools for iOS devices, while Apple is notorious for not supporting Flash on its iOS devices.

Guides are already available for getting Frash installed on iPhone 4, although it seems only savvy users will be able to get the job done. Moreover, Frash is in Alpha state. Grant Pannell, the guy who managed to compile an iPhone 4 version of Frash, informs that “Code from the github repository can change minutely creating a significantly more stable version of code.” He advises members of the jailbreak community not to expect this compiled code to be stable, or to work on every Flash object.

Those looking to get Flash support via this method will be required to download the precompiled binary (Frash-0.02.deb) and, as Pannell puts it, “SFTP it to /tmp on your iPhone/iPad.” Step #2 requires the user to SSH into their phone as root and type a command, then reboot their device (step #3). The instructions are actually more complex than described in this report. According to various sources, this version of Flash (Frash) will also work on iPhone 3GS, iPad (on iOS 3.2.1) and iPod touches.

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