iPhone 3GS Available for Pre-Order in Romania

Starting Friday, July 3

It seems that the latest iteration of Apple's iPhone, namely iPhone 3GS, will soon become available for purchase in even more markets than before, including Romania, where we learn that the device is to be listed for purchase as soon as Friday, July 3. The new phone will be sold on the local market via wireless carrier Orange, which will have it exclusively.

According to the news, Orange will have the device available with a dedicated iPhone plan, yet users will also be able to purchase it at full retail price. There are no exact details at the moment regarding the handset's availability or price tag, yet they should surface in the near future. It seems that Orange Romania will also announce people that place pre-orders when the phone will become available a few days before it will be launched on the market.

Although no specific date has been offered, earlier reports pointed towards a July launch of the handset, which means that it might not be long before the device comes to the shelves after its pre-order availability. The iPhone 3GS, as many of you might already know, is touted as the fastest iteration of the device.

Romanian customers who would like to purchase the new model should know that it comes with HSDPA 7,2 Mbps connectivity, while sporting a 3-megapixel photo snapper with video recording capabilities, longer battery life compared to previous models, as well as a series of other improvements. At the same time, we should also note the fact that the device comes with the latest mobile operating system from Apple, namely with iPhone OS 3.0, which extends the functionality of the handset even further.

Starting Friday afternoon, local time, mobile phone users in Romania will be able to place their pre-orders for the iPhone on Orange's site, via this link.

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