iPhone 3.1 Jailbreak & Unlock Tool Labeled as Scam

Avoid Iphone Unlocking Ltd. "like plague," disappointed customers say

Soon after Apple had rolled out firmware update 3.1 for iPhone and version 3.1.1 for iPod touch, the iPhone Dev Team got busy trying to deliver an updated PwnageTool that could effectively jailbreak the software. As the infamous team of hackers was finally able to deliver(admittedly, only for two versions of each device model), a company going by the name of Iphone Unlocking Ltd. claimed to have released a tool that could unlock “any iPhone model” running the latest software version from Apple, as well as perform a jailbreak.

The paid jailbreak & unlock solution, with no option to try-before-you-buy looked dubious right from the start (with Softpedia signaling that Iphone Unlocking’s business “doesn’t strike us as perfectly legit”), but many have been tricked into believing the software was exactly what they were looking for. And you can’t blame them either, seeing how Iphone Unlocking advertises the goods:

Welcome to IPHONE UNLOCKING LTD, the leading iPhone Unlock specialists. Since we launched our very first iPhone Unlock software in August of 2007 our software has been downloaded by over 1 million customers worldwide, located in over 145 countries. This makes us the most experienced and accomplished iPhone Unlocking service in the industry.

Our iPhone Unlock software has been developed with absolute simplicity in mind. Using our Unlock iPhone Software, the absolute computer illiterate will have the capability to unlock the iPhone with absolute ease.

From this moment in time our software is now capable of unlocking any iPhone worldwide in just a matter of minutes. This includes the very latest iPhone 3Gs running the firmware version 3.1. Upon unlocking your iPhone you will be able to use any network provider of your choice from any location in the world.

Review image

A screenshot depicting how Iphone Unlocking Ltd. advertises its scammy business

While Softpedia doesn’t condone hacking the iPhone or iPod touch, those who do enjoy the benefits of jailbreaking or unlocking their device should know that Iphone Unlocking simply wraps the iPhone Dev Team’s PwnageTool / redsn0w application in a colorful, virtual packaging, selling the otherwise free software for $25 (previously more expensive). What’s even worse is that, at the time the “iPhone Unlock software” was marketed as being able to jailbreak any device model, some devices were actually not supported (iPhone 3GS and third-gen iPod touch). After finding out they had paid $25 for something that was already available for free download, some users expressed deep outrage on our website.

“I've used a previous unlock solution from this company,” Scottiejambo, one of our readers, says. “Once downloaded, it became obviious [sic] that all they had done was rebadge Redsnow, which was free, and sell it at £29.99. Being fairly naive where jalibraking [sic]/unlocking was concerned, I bought it, thinking it was another solution as I couldn't get Redsnow to work (at the time) and found myself £29.99 out of pocket,” Scottiejambo reveals. “When I raised this with Iphone Unlocking Ltd, they didn't want to know and would not offer a refund, even where they they [sic] were clearly passing off someone elses [sic] software and therefore development work (and intellectual property) as their own,” he continues to stress. “I very much doubt they've developed a solution to 3.1. It is more than likely someone else's rebadged solution...or it doens't [sic] work at all. AVOID THEM LIKE THE PLAGUE,” Scottiejambo’s warning goes.

“[The] company, you are talking about is selling something what is absolutly [sic] free to download all over the internet and it come[s] from iPhone DevTEAM,” another commenter chimes in. “I've tried their solution [a] few days ago, and I've asked to refund my money back, because what has been offered to me for that price was only [an] old version of PWNAGE tool and RedSn0w 0.7 :-( Which is not ofcourse [sic] working for firmware version 3.1! Be carefull [sic], if you order this you wont [sic] get anything.”

“Please be careful with this!,” reader MaKI repeats. “For about 29 $ you will get :

- Pwnage Tool (Created by DevTeam);

- RedSn0w Tool 0.7 which is not working for 3.1 Firmware at all!”

Needless to point out, the rest of the commenters sing the same tune. Not one positive thing has been said about Iphone Unlocking Ltd., or its software. Sadly, the company is still in business and probably scamming other iPhone / iPod touch owners as we speak.

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