iPhone 2.1 Listing Shows No Aesthetic Changes for Next-Gen Model

Apple may release a similar-looking iPhone this year, confirming rumors of an unchanged case hiding new hardware

Apple is widely believed to be gearing up for the release of a new iPhone model this year, with many speculating that the device will have an uplifted design. Meanwhile, perhaps just as many people expect the handset to look no different than the currently available 3G model, and they may be right, if we're to go by the latest iPhone SDK 3.0 findings.

Reported by a MacTalk.com.au forum user, the unreleased “iPhone2,1” model has been previously referenced and includes its own icon within the resources of the iPhone 3.0 developer tools (iPhone SDK). Not surprisingly (to some), the iPhone OS 3.0 icon appears identical to the iPhone1,2 model, representing none other than the iPhone 3G.

With iPhones 1.1 and 1.2 matching the two iPhone models Apple has been able to produce thus far, a 2.1 listing can only indicate the rumored next-generation iPhone. As revealed by the screenshot above, the new device shouldn't look any different than the iPhone 3G making headlines today.

“Whenever you launch iTunes, it has a pic of your iPhone's model,” the forum post reads. “This is the same as with the SDK (in Organiser). While searching for an un-related file in Spotlight, it turned up an image deep into folders called 'iPhone 2,1',” the author writes, adding a few notes claiming the image is most likely 100% real. Those are:

– The SDK has been known to reveal details about up-coming models, including the leaking of the magnometer in the 3.0 SDK, and the details abut the 3G chip in the 2.0 SDK.

– As Apple Stated, they use exacty [sic] the same apps in-house to develop their apps and test them on their products.

– There is obviously a new iPhone coming soon, so it was just a matter of time before this was found.

Softpedia note

Indeed, there is little doubt Apple isn't preparing a new iPhone model for us this year. And even if the screenshot in question is fake, the real thing (once iPhone 2.1 is out) will most likely be identical, since Apple has no reason not to continue its listing trends for device models. Lastly, the finding is quite consistent with rumors that a next-gen iPhone would bear pretty much the same design particularities as the currently selling 3G model. And if that's not enough, ask yourself why Apple would change the iPhone's looks. There haven't been any complaints in this department.

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