iPad mini 2 Parts Already Commissioned – First Is the Retina Display [Reports]

AU Optronics is reportedly developing a Retina panel for an upcoming iPad mini

Sources in China are reporting that Apple has already given the go-ahead for the development of 497ppi Retina displays that will make their way into the next-generation iPad mini.

You read that right. Not only is Apple having trouble satisfying demand for the just-launched iPad mini as is, but there’s already talk of a new version.

And it’s going to have an eye-popping Retina display that far exceeds even the iPhone 5’s in performance, according to reports from the Far East.

Two separate reports mention a disclosure by Apple Inc. regarding the specifications of the upcoming (2nd-generation) iPad mini.

AU Optronics is reportedly one of the first suppliers to learn of the product’s existence, and they’ve been tapped to produce an insanely high-density display for it.

“With the disclosure of the specifications for the next-generation iPad Mini by Apple Inc. AAPL, AU Optronics Corp. […] has been developing a retina panel with resolution as high as 497ppi,” according to menafn.com citing www.sohu.com as the original source of the information.

The screens will be made with IGZO (indium gallium zinc oxide) technology with the help of Gate IC on array (GOA) methods, and shipping will commence in Q4 2013, according to the source.

“The technology of GOA helps save the room of IC on the rim and narrow the frame of the screen to the largest extent […] The company would ship the products in large scale in the fourth quarter,” the report reads.

AU Optronics also claimed that it had solved some of the problems surrounding its panel production, including yield rates and faulty units prone to light leakage.

With the 4th-generation iPad already launched this year, it seems Apple has shifted focus on the smaller version of its tablet PC.

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