iPad Users Impressed with Internet Explorer 10

New study shows that iPad buyers agree that IE 10 is faster than Safari on tablets

The battle for the fastest browser has moved beyond the desktop computer, as more and more software companies release web browsing apps for tablet devices.

Internet Explorer 10 and Safari are two of the apps available right now in this market sector, as they’re offered as the default browsing solutions for Surface and iPad buyers, respectively.

But Internet Explorer 10 is much faster, a study conducted by Mozaic Group reveals, so iPad users are pretty impressed with Microsoft’s in-house browser.

Although the research involved only 40 iPad users, Internet Explorer is considered a faster, more fluid and easier to use browser as compared to Safari.

What’s more, iPad users have found the browsing experience provided by a Windows 8 tablet superior to the one offered by an iPad and, as far as they’re concerned, this is quite enough to convince them to make the switch to such a device.

Most of the users claimed that they’re ready to buy a Windows 8 tablet thanks to the browsing performance it provides, the report shows.

“The hands on experience with Internet Explorer 10 creates an enthusiastic response with virtually all participants. 85 percent are very impressed and 100 percent believe Internet Explorer 10 provides a browsing experience which is superior to Safari and provides the complete web browsing experience they desire,” the report shows.

The multi-tasking feature provided by Windows RT tablets is tipping the scales toward Microsoft, the report shows, as “multi-tasking is glaringly absent from the iPad experience.”

“The increasing efficiency of being able to do more things simultaneously and receive constant updates while running multiple apps is a huge factor in Internet Explorer 10’s favor. Even if they hadn’t actively thought about it before, most feel it makes the iPad look weaker by comparison,” it’s also mentioned in the report.

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