iPad Newspaper “The Daily” Pulled from iTunes

News Corp. confirms discontinuation of its Daily iPad app publication

News Corp.’s digital newspaper for the iPad, The Daily, is officially shutting down. After receiving mixed reviews and failing to generate any profits, the app has been officially yanked from Apple’s iTunes Store after almost two years of availability.

In a press release issued today, News Corp. said it would “cease standalone publication” on Dec. 15, yet the binary is already unavailable for download.

According to the media giant, “technology and other assets from The Daily, including some staff, will be folded into” News Corp.’s New York Post tabloid, All Things D reports.

Rupert Murdoch, chairman and CEO of global media holding company News Corporation, says, “From its launch, The Daily was a bold experiment in digital publishing and an amazing vehicle for innovation.”

“Unfortunately, our experience was that we could not find a large enough audience quickly enough to convince us the business model was sustainable in the long-term.”

The CEO also confirms that News Corp. is using all that it’s learned from this two-year ride to beef up its existing “properties.”

“Under the editorial leadership of Editor-in-Chief Col Allan and the business and digital leadership of Jesse, I know The New York Post will continue to grow and become stronger on the web, on mobile, and not least, the paper itself,” says Murdoch.

“I want to thank all of the journalists, digital and business professionals for the hard work they put into The Daily,” he concludes.

Avid Apple fans will recall that Cupertino put a lot of effort into giving The Daily some wings. Apparently not everything Steve Jobs touched would eventually turn into gold.

It’s also worth noting that rumors about The Daily getting axed have been circling the web for quite a while.

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