iPad Meets MS Office 2013 at SharePoint Conference Today

Harmon.ie to showcase new offerings with Office 2013 and SharePoint 2013

Software solutions provider harmon.ie is creating the first social collaboration solution on Windows 8 and the iPad for typical business users, building on the newly-updated SharePoint 2013.

With harmon.ie Connect now being able to support Microsoft Office 2013 and SharePoint 2013, business users can now access SharePoint from their iOS devices and from Outlook 2013 Web apps, restriction-free.

The same goes for owners of Windows 8 devices, who use Microsoft Outlook.

For the first time ever, the suite of connected apps from harmon.ie provides a consistent and convenient collaboration experience from any platform. Which means your business no longer depends on your taste in gadgets and OSes.

New features in SharePoint 2013 include the ability to follow a document; provide ad-hoc document sharing; get offline document support through SkyDrivePro; social ties (microblogging), and more.

Leveraging all these neat capabilities, harmon.ie is able to create and bring business solutions to the places where people spend their time – “Outlook and mobile devices,” according to the company.

David Lavenda, vice president of product strategy and marketing, says, “We are pleased to be able to provide business solutions on top of the new platform capabilities that Microsoft continues to bring to market.”

“Companies need the business flexibility that harmon.ie offers in order to take advantage of the SharePoint social capabilities,” adds Lavenda.

“Making SharePoint easily accessible to typical business users through Outlook, the iPad and Office Web apps turns SharePoint into practical business solutions for managing knowledge, projects and records.”

Yaacov Cohen, co-founder and CEO of harmon.ie, believes platform flexibility is crucial in any business, “As workers rely on multiple platforms to get their work done.”

Instead of pushing cumbersome technologies onto people in an organization, harmon.ie aims to “make these technologies available to users without them having to learn something new,” according to Cohen.

The CEO believes this “makes all the difference.”

The company will be demonstrating its new solutions at the SharePoint Conference in Las Vegas, starting today through November 15.

Interested parties will be able to watch CEO Yaacov Cohen at the Luncheon Summit sharing his thoughts on the “Workplace of Tomorrow,” as well as harmon.ie’s product roadmap.

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