iPad Gamers Reach 8+ Million, and Growing

Apple’s tablet is becoming gaming's wildest frontier, says research firm

Interpret, a cross-media market research firm, has released "iPad Gamers: A Look at the Users of Gaming's Shiny New Toy," a report that aims to demonstrate that Apple’s iPad is making a foray into the gaming industry attracting not only casual gamers, but also hard-core console gamers.

According to the research by Interpret, “Apple's popular tablet computer is both drawing the attention of traditional console gamers and developing its own new user base of nontraditional gamers.”

They looked at the 8+ million iPad gamers in the U.S. – “a population which continues to grow explosively, both in numbers and as a proportion of all iPad owners” – and found that 71% are using the device for playing video games.

Interpret's New Media Measure study churned up figures that indicate “these 8 million iPad gamers include a substantial number of traditional gamers, as well as an ever-bigger proportion of non-traditional gamers.”

"Collectively, iPad gamers are showing slightly decreased involvement with gaming on home consoles, mobile phones, and Nintendo handheld consoles," said Jason Preston, Interpret analyst.

"These facts imply that iPad game developers and publishers can definitely reach a new audience on the iPad, and should also closely monitor Apple's positioning of the iPad as an in-home gaming device, especially considering the platform's already obvious impact on traditional gaming behavior," Preston added.

The original iPad was already great for gaming, but then came along iPad 2 earlier this year and blew everyone out of the water.

Not only is the iPad 2 perfect for graphically intensive games thanks to its A5 chip and 10-hour battery life, it has also gained momentum that will be inherited by the iPad 3 next year, effectively cementing Apple’s position as the leader of the pack, once and for all.

Apple itself markets the iPad as a gaming device. See here.

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