iPad Buyers Can’t Wait for Microsoft Windows 8 Tablets

Most iPad owners admit that Windows 8 tablets are at least worth a look

Microsoft will unveil its Surface tablet on October 25 during the Windows 8 launch event, while several other companies around the world have already presented their very own Windows 8 tablets.

Although it’s not yet on the market, Microsoft’s Surface is often called “the iPad killer,” with many experts pointing out that Apple’s very own tablet may lose plenty of consumers after the Surface launch.

The editors over at GeekWire however conducted what seems to be the most accurate survey in this regard so far: they asked people stepping out on an Apple Store whether they like a Windows 8 tablet or not.

Unsurprisingly, many of them said the Windows 8 device is at least worth a look, while others even admitted they are ready to make the switch. Apple’s fanboys, however, cannot accept the idea of a Microsoft device in iPad’s very own playground.

“I am an Apple guy. Over all the years I had trouble at work with some Microsoft products and viruses. I’ve never had that issue with a Mac. Not to say that isn’t going to haunt me someday, but it’s an issue that hung with me enough times,” an Apple fan explained.

“Microsoft has been great they are very helpful and I like it. I’m invested already in Microsoft. The products are consistently good. I like it a lot, actually. I love my computer. So yeah, I would be game for one of these,” another iPad owner said in a more objective statement.

Although we’re less than two weeks away from the public debut of the Surface, Microsoft remains tight-lipped on pricing information. The only thing we know at this point is that it’ll be priced in a way that would allow it to challenge Apple’s iPad.

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