iPad 3 Customers Are Extremely Satisfied with Their Purchase, Says ChangeWave

Folks aren't too taken with the costs implied by the tablet’s usage on cellular networks

A new survey carried out by ChangeWave, a service of 451 Research, suggests that Apple has hit another home run with the new iPad. Customer satisfaction is off the charts!

ChangeWave interviewed early adopters of the third-generation iPad to find that satisfaction was even higher than previous ratings from a February 2012 survey.

“More than four-out-of-five new iPad owners (82%) say they are Very Satisfied with the device,” says the research firm, adding that “another 16% say they're Somewhat Satisfied.”

The research found that the high-resolution Retina display was, “by a landslide”, the new iPad’s most liked feature. “Long Battery Life (22%) comes in a distant second, followed by 4G LTE Capability (21%) and the Faster Processor (20%),” reads the paper.

Asked about what they disliked the most about their new tablet computer, 26% said the cost of the iPad itself, and 23% cited the cost of the wireless data plan.

Just 4% found the “overheating” issue reported by Consumer Reports to be somewhat of a problem for them. Almost none of the surveyed customers could call it a very big problem, suggesting that reports of the iPad 3 overheating were overblown.

In fact, the majority of new iPad owners (89%) said they hadn’t experienced any problem whatsoever.

“To put this in context, back in July 2010 we surveyed new iPhone 4 owners on the antenna and reception issue – which at the time had received an unprecedented level of news media focus,” ChangeWave explains.

“In that survey, iPhone 4 owners were asked how big of a problem the antenna/ reception issue was for them, and we found the following,” says the research firm, pointing to the second graph on the left (click to enlarge).

ChangeWave thus concluded that, “the heat issue does not appear to be a perceived problem for the overwhelming majority of new iPad owners.”


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