iOS 7 with “Crystal Interface” Envisioned

Game Center does away with “noise,” makes room for your content

Designer Adrian Maciburko believes Apple needs to ditch skeuomorphism in favor of a cleaner design of its apps, including Notes and, more recently, Game Center.

Maciburko’s latest iOS 7 concept involves the same Crystal Interface he envisioned for his Notes app concept. However, the discrepancies are far more visible this time around.

iOS 7 is thought to deliver a brand new interface, thanks to Jonathan Ive being in charge of the Human Interface division at Apple now.

Adrian Maciburko’s Crystal Interface looks like the ideal candidate to replace the skeuomorphic designs in some of Apple’s stock iOS apps, like Notes and Game Center.

While Notes is still a decent-looking app even with the woodgrain elements, Game Center is in desperate need of an overhaul.

For instance, a lot of people are disliking the “noise” generated by the felt texture, which aims to replicate the cloth usually found on a casino table.

Maciburko says the Crystal Interface is “nearly invisible.” The image above depicts what he believes should be the new Game Center UI.

“Apps are even more captivating on iOS 7, thanks to the Crystal Interface. The interface almost fades away allowing you to focus on the task,” reads the promotional material envisioned by the designer.

Maciburko explains, “Some time ago I started to explore a crystal interface concept for iOS 7. I initially looked at the iOS notes app. Another app that I explored and applied the crystal interface concept to recently is the game center app.”

“I believe the game center app would benefit by changing to a slide out nav instead of the tab bar,” he notes.

“The reason for this is that ‘Me tab’ and ‘Friend requests tab’ have a lower frequency of use, unlike in say the app store app where you move between featured, updates, top charts and search frequently when using the app, so in that case the tab bar makes sense,” Maciburko believes.

The designer also looked into the achievements for different games, as well as unnecessary statistics.

“I am not sure that knowing that you are no. 11,740,241 of 11,988,582 is a necessary stat at this list view level and also creates extra noise,” he notes sarcastically.

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