iOS 7 Training Underway at AppleCare in Anticipation of September Release

Support staff instructed to ensure users that the software works the same as before

Apple has begun training its AppleCare staff on the nuts and bolts of iOS 7 ensuring that the wave of customers to come will rapidly become acquainted with the new software.

Scheduled to be deployed sometime later this month, iOS 7 is the latest version of Apple’s mobile operating system powering iPhones and iPads worldwide.

It delivers new key features, such as a completely redesigned interface, the new Control Center, and a neat Activation Lock feature, on which Apple reportedly puts particular emphasis during its iOS 7 training sessions with AppleCare employees.

According to 9to5mac’s sources, other new functions that AppleCare will “heavily push and become knowledgable about” include the new perks in iCloud Photo Sharing, the retailored Camera app, the new mobile Safari browser, Control Center, and AirDrop.

AppleCare staff is also being trained to answer questions regarding the new iTunes Radio music service.

Lastly, “When a customer calls AppleCare because they do not know how to use a particular function in iOS 7, AppleCare is said to be told to explain that although the system looks completely different, it works exactly the same way,” according to the site’s sources.

Other sources reveal that Apple is blocking vacations for AppleCare employees between September 15 and September 28, likely in anticipation of the same wave of customers asking for information about the new products set to be unveiled this month.

These include not only iOS 7, but also OS X Mavericks, and a range of new iPhones and iPads as well.

Some say Apple will cram all these announcements in its September 10 event, but others believe the company has a second event planned for later this month (or early November), during which new Macs will also be announced.

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