iOS 7 Won’t Be Delayed, Beta 4 Likely Available for Download This Week

OS X Mavericks seed is a good sign that things are progressing nicely

Earlier this week rumors broke that Apple might have to postpone its latest iOS 7 beta because of a server breach, and while the seeding schedule certainly appears to be off-track, the final release date shouldn’t be affected.

And the best indication comes from OS X Mavericks Developer Preview 4. Apple had no problem seeding this new beta to developers amid the server overhaul it had promised, and therefore iOS 7 Beta 4 should be in the same boat.

The release is mostly likely delayed by just a few days (probably as a result of some backend tweaks). Apple wants to keep the development of the two operating systems in sync, as both are scheduled to debut this fall.

Mavericks and iOS 7 will have a few dependencies that will require them to ship simultaneously, so whatever hurdles Apple has to overcome, neither one will be left behind for too long.

In other words, don’t panic. If iOS 7 beta 4 is being delayed, it’s probably just for a few days. In fact, as of now it could be mere hours before Apple seeds the new build.

It’s also worth noting that developers who already have an iOS 7 beta installed on their test devices will be able to perform the software update over-the-air (OTA), without even accessing the Apple Dev Center.

OTA updates are reserved for incremental releases, so it doesn’t help those who are installing iOS 7 for the first time.

However, seeding iOS 7 Beta 4 over-the-air would be the natural choice, considering the circumstances (the recently reported hack on its Dev site).

With iOS 7 scheduled to launch only later this fall, we have no reason to be concerned about a potential delay.


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