iOS 7 Could Render Jailbreaks Obsolete, Hacker Asks Apple for an "Open" System

Lack of jailbreak for iOS 6 reportedly pushing Apple customers to adopt Android

Numerous iOS customers are reportedly switching to Android simply because there’s no jailbreak in sight for the latest firmware version, while hacker Pod2g is asking Apple for a more open iOS so that jailbreaks are no longer necessary.

No scientific polls have been conducted on this matter yet, but the tweets from the iOS / jailbreak community do seem to indicate that a lot of people are fed up with the closed nature of the iOS ecosystem.

Granted, some of those tweets have more heft than others. For example, the revered pod2g, a brilliant hacker with a genuine affinity for Apple products, decided to call on the Cupertino giant for a more open iOS.

“If you agree that iOS needs more openness, why don't we make #weWantAnOpenIOS trend on twitter! That would be our answer to Apple,” pod2g writes on Twitter.

“Looking at my mentions, there are a lot of long time iPhone users who switched to the Galaxy S3. Come on Apple. Please react to this,” says the security researcher.

Why, you ask? Well, it’s not because Apple has made iOS 6 tough to jailbreak, pod2g clarifies. It shouldn’t be regarded as a victory for the Cupertino giant.

The actual reason is to stop the cat and mouse game between Apple and the jailbreakers, effectively allowing developers to do what they do best – code useful software for the iPhone and the iPad.

Pod2g actually believes 2013 will bring that open iOS. “Faith: iOS 7 will allow tweaks and mods,” he says. “Depending on Apple jailbreaks would not be needed anymore,” he notes in a separate tweet.

“A switch to allow unsigned code would be great, but I doubt Apple will go this way,” pod2g adds.

According to the hacker, many users are leaving iOS for Android because of the “closeness of the system,” the IB Times reports. Which is why the security expert predicts that “2013 will be the year of the openness of iOS.”

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