iOS 7 Breaks Audiobook Chapters, Scrubber

Customers dismayed over a change that affects audiobook experience

If George Constanza had an iPhone with iOS 7 back in the day, he’d be really disappointed, as many disgruntled customers report a radical change in the way their devices handle audiobooks.

On Apple Support Communities, a thread started by user “ecdc05” reveals that Apple has made a terrible change in iOS 7, which “seems to have removed the ability to view individual audiobook chapters in the music app.”

“It has also replaced the chapter length with the length of the entire book in the time scrubber,” writes ecdc05.

He goes to explain the frustration it causes him to try and find his place back in a book: “…scrubbing (even using quarter-speed or fine) through a 30+ hour audiobook is...let's be polite and say ‘challenging.’”

Now users can no longer see where they are in a chapter, how much time is left and, worst of all, see the list of chapters.

“My hope is I'm just missing something here and some iOS 7 wizard can show me how to correct this. But I suspect Apple's just updated the app,” ecdc05 concludes.

User “Heartlight” feels the same way: “I was just about to update to iOS7 when I found out about the missing audiobook chapters.”

“This is completely ridiculous and will stop me from updating which is a pity as I was looking forward to new features such as Control Centre,” this person writes.

A customer using the handle “holls at whidbey” chimes in to say, “I'm at a total loss about using Audible books now as well -- finding a place in an audio book is bad enough with chapters. It's next to impossible without.”

With 7,388 views credited to this thread, it appears Apple has one more thing to add to the checklist for iOS 7.0.3.

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