iOS 7.1.1 Suffers from Persistent Red Badge Icon, Just like iOS 7.1

Customers continue to complain that their Settings app can’t get rid of the “1” badge

Customers wielding iPhones and iPads are generally satisfied with their experience, but for some people who made the jump to iOS 7.1 and subsequently iOS 7.1.1, there’s a small annoyance that they want Apple to address.

A number of frustrated users on Apple Support Communities reveal in a thread that some devices that got updated to iOS 7.1 in March and iOS 7.1.1 last week will continue to display the “1” badge icon above the Settings app, which indicates that a software update is currently available.

However, as these users note, the badge icon shouldn’t be there, as they’ve updated their software to the latest version. Here’s what the thread starter had to say on March 11, right after iOS 7.1 rolled out.

“Dear Apple Support Communities! The download & update to iOS 7.1 was successful. Well more or less. My iPhone 5s made no problems, everything works fine. Except the iPad Air (WiFi, 32GB). After the update to iOS 7.1 the red ‘1’ badge on the settings app stayed stuck.”

Identified as Stema001, this person posts a screenshot and two links (1,2) to similar threads as evidence that he is not alone.

“Same problem here, iPad Air works fine,” writes another person. “My iPhone 5 still show the red ‘1’ badge on the settings (after update to 7.1). I sent feedback to Apple about this bug.”

Some suggested a hard reset as a potential solution, but as user moshlux reveals, this doesn’t address the problem either:

“I have the same issue. The only thing that I did that was different was while holding the power and home button I kept holding till the apple logo disapeared then released the buttons. Still nothing.”

Some users on iOS 7.1.1 are reporting similar behavior. The issue is not all that serious. Basically it’s just a graphics glitch that results in a small annoyance at most but, for some, seeing that red circle hovering over their Settings app icon appears to be quite frustrating.

In a separate thread, some users are complaining that the Camera lock-screen shortcut is no longer functional after making the jump to iOS 7.1.1.

“Since upgrading to ios711 I cannot swipe from photo to video in camera app. Phone just freezes and nothing will work till I hold down power button to turn off then after about a minute it will eventually reset asking to swipe to unlock yet still won't let me swipe to unlock,” writes one of the people in said forum thread.

While the post has a mere three replies, it has been accessed over 600 times and at least three people are experiencing the exact same issue.

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