iOS 7 Siri Will Be Able to “Do a Lot of New Cool Stuff,” Source Says

iPhone 5S motherboard leak also includes some tidbits on the upcoming software

A source deemed as “very reliable” by iOSDoc reportedly revealed that Apple’s iPhone 5S would ship with an improved A7 processor, beefed up graphics and twice the memory of the iPhone 5, as well as iOS 7 with an enhanced version of Siri.

iOS 7 is pretty much a given this year. Apple rolls out a new version every year, and 2013 is when the seventh major release of the software should occur.

The software will reportedly come pre-installed on the iPhone 5S, a revision to the iPhone 5 launching this year, according to most rumors.

The source cited by iOSDoc said that “The iPhone 5S will come with a new quad-core Apple A7 processor, clocked at 1.2Ghz and iOS 7.”

Speaking about the phone’s underlying software in particular, the source added that “iOS 7 will also come with a highly improved Siri, able to ‘do a lot of new cool stuff’,” according to the report.

The source declined to elaborate more on the matter, leaving the site to speculate that iOS 7 should deliver a bunch of new features, like widgets and an improved Notification Center. This, however, is pure speculation on the site’s part.

Should Apple intend to announce iOS 7 at WWDC 2013, we might be in for a third iPhone launch scheduled for the fall season.

However, if analysts are correct about Apple launching the iPhone 5S in summer, we should be hearing that developers are getting the first iOS 7 betas in the coming months.

In addition to the logical tweaks and improvements, iOS 7 is expected to come with an overhauled interface. The rumored change is attributed to Jonathan Ive, the newly instated head of Human Interface at Apple.

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