iOS 7.0.4 Proof Checked for Jailbreak, But iOS 6.1.5 Will Be Hacked First

“If you’re already on 7.0.x, there is no harm in updating to 7.0.4,” says iH8sn0w

Hacker iH8sn0w has confirmed that updating to iOS 7.0.4 won’t affect the jailbreak currently in development for Apple’s latest iPhone firmware, adding that end-users will probably get a jailbreak for iOS 6.1.5 first.

Known for his Sn0wbreeze jailbreak tool, iH8sn0w is a prominent figure in the jailbreak community and is known to be actively developing jailbreaks for the latest iPhone firmware updates.

In a recent tweet, the hacker said, “7.0.4 has no security changes,” and in a subsequent tweet he noted, “If you’re already on 7.0.x, there is no harm in updating to 7.0.4.”

Unfortunately, iH8sn0w and his fellow hackers seem reluctant to roll out a jailbreak for iOS 7 this year. Instead, they’ll be cracking Apple’s iOS 6.1.5, the newest update on the iOS 6 branch.

“6.1.4 jb is more likely to be released first. I personally don’t think we’ll see a 7.x one in 2013,” iH8sn0w wrote.

Jailbreaking has certainly lost its steam in recent years, and we can safely say that iOS 7 put the kibosh on the practice. That’s not to say there aren’t entire legions of jailbreak fans still lingering on the web.

The only difference between now and 2009, for example, is that Apple currently offers over a million different apps through its popular App Store. iOS has also matured enough to offer more customization options, and handy tools like Control Center.

When people didn’t have these perks, jailbreaking was sort of a must-do. Around the time Apple launched iOS 3 (then called iPhone OS), you couldn’t even set a wallpaper, let alone use shortcuts for the WiFi toggle or screen brightness.

Famed French hacker Pod2g once opined that iOS 7 would mark the release of the last public jailbreak. Considering the current situation, he was most likely right.


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