iOS 6.1 Software Update Fails to Install, Deletes Data on Some iDevices

Customers continue to report issues with the iOS 6.1 update from Apple

It appears that the issues surrounding Apple’s latest iOS update are more widespread than initially thought. More and more customers are reporting problems with the software update process, and the errors don’t seem to be bound to any specific hardware model.

As soon as Apple rolled out the bits on Monday evening / Tuesday morning (depending on where you live), users started reporting problems with the software update process.

At first, it seemed only iPod touch users attempting to update over-the-air had been affected. A few hours later, numerous iPhone and iPad users chimed in to report their own grief.

One reader tells us, “I updated my 4S while connected to wifi then it shuts down showing connect to iTunes.”

Another says, “Upgraded this mornig. all worked fine for about 30min then ‘no service.’ have to reset the handset….”

Others are losing service in places where their signal used to be strong, while some claim the update has tampered with their notifications system.

“I upgraded this morning on my 4s and have many problems. I no longer get any ‘push notifications’ and my gmail app won't delete emails,” writes another customer.

“I keep getting ‘connect to iTunes to use push notifications’ I'm not sure what that means. When I bring up iTunes nothing changes,” this person says.

One user actually claims to have lost everything on his iPhone 4S because of the update. Luckily, he had a backup of his data.

“After trying to hit install after the download, it told me there was an error. So, I restarted my phone and tried again. My phone instantly shut off and went in to recovery mode,” this person explains.

“I was forced to reset my phone. I lost everything since my last back up... Information in some apps, videos, some photos. Gone. Luckily, I backed up on 12/31/12, but losing nearly a month of data is still pretty sickening,” says the disappointed customer.

There are countless such reports out there, and while it is normal for such reports to emerge after a software update release, their abundance is indicative of the severity of the issues. Let’s hope it doesn’t turn into an epidemic.

For our part, we’ve experienced zero issues with the iOS 6.1 software update on our iPhone 5 test unit. How about you?

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