iOS 6.1 Sends iPhones into Recovery Mode, Customers Dismayed

Numerous issues revolving iOS 6.1 are plaguing Apple users

iOS 6.1 is a rotten Apple. That’s what numerous Apple customers are saying, including big companies like AOL, and Vodafone. One issue in particular is yet to gain coverage. Apparently, the software update has put a lot of devices into recovery mode.

A growing number of iDevice owners is reporting a strange issue with the latest software update from Apple. When performing the update OTA (over the air), the device freezes and goes into recovery mode.

The error is serious, since a lot of users can lose (and probably have lost) important data and apps.

“I was away from home yesterday and I saw that my iPhone5 can be updated (minor bug fixes, etc.) So I pressed update,” a reader named Sophie tells us.

“Then my phone said to connect to iTunes. So when I got home I plugged in my iPhone to the Mac and then I had an error message saying ‘your phone is in recovery mode.’”

“I don't want my apps, photos, and music etc to be deleted! I don't know how to get out of recovery mode,” Sophie says.

Fifth-generation iPod touch players are also affected. A reader named Stone says, “I did the update via itunes, on my IPOD touch 5. Seemed to work, even had the progress bar on the ipod for about a minute, then it stopped and put the ipod in recovery mode.”

“Now it is on a loop where i have to restore and update, have gone through it about 10 times, still the same result. Tried it with the firewall off, tried it on a different computer, still same restore and update cycle,” says Stone.

Another customer going by the Internet handle “anon” says, “Upgraded my Ipod touch 5 to iOS6.1, it failed to update due to an 'unknown error' and the device is now stuck in recovery mode. Not happy.”

Numerous other readers are reporting similar issues. Apple is known to be testing iOS 6.1.1 internally. When it goes public, iOS 6.1.1 should address all these bugs, and many others.

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