iOS 6.1 Bug Causes Enterprise Devices to Act Up

AOL temporarily disables the ability to accept or manage calendar meetings

It appears iOS 6.1 is full of connectivity bugs, as Vodafone is urging its customers to stay away from the update and now AOL has disabled some functionality due to a bug causing iPhones to experience a “continuous loop” when managing calendar meetings.

AOL’s corporate Enterprise Messaging Operations team has issued a statement to 9to5mac noting that the company “has been monitoring a rapidly increasing and unusually large volume of traffic across our enterprise mail environment originating from iOS devices running the new iOS 6.1 update.”

“We have researched this problem and appears to be connected to a recently identified issue that seems to cause these iOS devices to continuously loop while synchronizing a recurring calendar meeting invitation,” AOL says.

Pointing out that media outlets around the web have signaled similar issues in the past few days, AOL says its team of engineers is working “productively and rapidly with Apple and Microsoft to resolve the issue.”

The web services provider has added that the company has been forced to “temporarily disable the ability to accept or manage calendar meetings using mobile devices to ensure that we maintain the integrity of our corporate enterprise messaging platform.”

The statement also says, “Since this change is limited to managing calendar invitations, by disabling them temporarily we allow our employees to continue to experience the excellent productivity these devices bring to our enterprise until this issue is resolved.”

It appears Apple will have more to do in iOS 6.1.1 than just fix Maps for Japan.

The company has recently seeded the first test build to developers with instructions to iron out any bugs in the mapping department, yet newly emerged bugs will undoubtedly make their way into the next beta’s release notes.

It is worth noting that iOS 6.1 also causes 3G problems on Vodafone networks and affects battery life for others.

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