iOS 6.1.3 Drains Batteries, Potential Fix Available

And one customer claims to have an easy fix for fellow iPhone users

iPhone owners are reporting battery drainage after installing iOS 6.1.3, a recent software update from Apple tasked with patching some security bugs. It also appears that the software comes with an unwanted cargo of battery drain bugs.

One of numerous iPhone owners on Apple Support Communities complains that, once he installed iOS 6.1.3 on his iPhone 4S, the battery started to deplete much faster than usual.

“Last night I updated my iPhone 4S to a iOS 6.1.3 and now it drains my battery in extremely fast manner,” wrote thread starter Timurjonchik on March 21.

“As I started signing in to write this question from my iPhone I already lost 13% of my battery. I never had a problem with a battery and i’ve been using iPhones since the first one,” he explains.

The customer claims that he actually missed a class because his iPhone’s alarm didn’t go off.

In the meantime, lots of other users have been voicing similar complaints, but one customer in particular claims to have a fix ready for everyone. And Timurjonchik says it worked for him too.

Here's a shrunken down version of the steps, as outlined by Apple Support Communities user Markbob917 and successfully tested by user Timurjonchik.

1. Visit the iCloud section in the iOS Settings and toggle all services to OFF, making sure you save your content (to iPhone, iTunes backup etc.).

2. Do this for each email account but make sure you select to keep data on iPhone (not delete it).

3. Do a hard reset by holding the Home button and the Sleep/Wake button for 10 seconds

4. Wait for the phone to reboot, then go back into the Settings app, then access Mail and turn account back ON.

Note that this is not an official fix. Although nothing should go wrong as a result of following these steps carefully, we cannot vow for its reliability. It’s still Apple’s job to patch these bugs.

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