iOS 6.1.3 Battery Drainage Becomes Epidemic

A growing number of Apple customers report issues with the update

An increasing number of iPhone and iPad customers are posting battery drainage complaints on Apple’s forums following the release of iOS 6.1.3, an incremental software update for the company’s mobile operating system.

Earlier this week we reported that a handful of customers were posting complaints regarding battery drainage under iOS 6.1.3.

In just three days' time, the same forum thread has gone from 1,500 views to over 15 thousand, with 179 replies noted by Apple (at the time of this writing).

We kept a close look on the thread to see whether the battery drain bug was indeed widespread. The numbers are now confirming it.

iOS 6.1.3 not only doesn’t fix battery drainage for those who were already experiencing it (under iOS 6.1.2 and earlier), but actually triggered the problem for otherwise healthy devices.

It is worth pointing out that such issues occur with every iOS software update and, while some bugs are more widespread than others, Apple’s engineers are doing their best to iron them out with every update.

The problem is these updates usually fix one problem and deliver another, as of late.

Users are also complaining about poor Wi-Fi connectivity, but the causes may be more varied than initially thought.

Although many blame iOS 6.1.3 for the issue, it may be that their indoor wireless setups are to blame.

Apple so far hasn’t provided any clues that it is working on iOS 6.1.4, though it most certainly is.

Apart from the battery drain and buggy Wi-Fi reports, which basically churn out with every single iOS software update, Apple also has some security bugs to patch.

A potentially serious vulnerability allows a person with physical access to an iPhone to bypass the security code set by the user and peek through personal information, including photos.

Apple is bound to address these flaws sooner rather than later, so it shouldn’t be too long before iOS 6.1.4 rolls out.

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