iOS 5, iCloud About to Launch

Apple begins retail training on two new major products as potential event nears

Apple retail staff is being briefed on iOS 5 and iCloud as a final touch before the two products launch publicly this fall, according to reports.

Well placed sources talking to 9to5mac claim to have learned that Apple is now training retail staff through a brand new section inside the company’s RetailMe app.

As noted in the report, Apple only begins staff training in the two weeks leading up to an event.

In this respect, iOS 5 and iCloud should be released this month. An iPhone 5 announcement is expected as well, but the handset’s should only become physically available in October, according to most rumors on the subject.

iOS 5 is now at its seventh beta in the hands of Apple-registered developers, and a Golden Master build is expected to drop any minute now.

Developers say the latest beta mostly focuses on performance and bug fixes, and therefore is likely the one preceding the final build of the software.

Hackers are already able to jailbreak the new iOS, but Apple may patch existing holes in the final version coming out this fall.

iCloud is Apple’s new Internet service that seamlessly integrates into one’s apps, so they can access their content on all your devices.

iCloud stores content and wirelessly pushes it to all of a user’s devices. Whether it’s music, photos, books, documents, and even apps, iCloud is able to keep everything in complete sync.

iCloud is also now in beta - the tenth, to be precise. It was released to developers last week alongside OS X 10.7.2 Lion which will deliver full iCloud support, therefore is expected to arrive simultaneously.

It is also known that Apple has an OS X 10.6.9 build waiting on the launch pad for iCloud compatibility with computers running Snow Leopard.

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