iOS 4.3.1 Patch Imperative - Battery Drain, Alarm Clock Bug, Safari Hole

Apple’s iOS operating system continues to be plagued by a recurring alarm clock bug resulting in missed appointments, including church and yoga sessions this Sunday. This only adds to emerging complaints in regards to other issues with the new iOS, such as battery drainage.

While not the most relevant examples could offer, the alarm clock bug is nonetheless confirmed as present yet again in the latest version of Apple’s iPhone operating system - iOS 4.3.

According to Apple spokeswoman Natalie Harrison, when daylight savings kicked in, users who set their alarms for a single wake-up (rather than recurring) didn’t get their wake up call.

Apple has been faced with having to patch similar bugs in the past, yet somehow it will need to issue another update to fix the same bug.

Perhaps those at Apple working on the iPhone software woke up a tad too late as well.

An iOS 4.3.1 update is reportedly in the works and should be released soon, though not with the purpose of patching the alarm clock bug.

Security researcher Charlie Miller, famous for his feats at the annual Pwn2Own contest in Vancouver, Canada, has signaled that Apple is preparing to roll out a new firmware update tasked with closing a hole that he himself discovered and took advantage of to show that the mobile OS is vulnerable.

The upcoming iOS 4.3.1 should do well to reinforce the security of the operating system, while also patching the alarm clock bug which seems to be plaguing Apple with every new release.

Finally, iOS 4.3 seems to be causing battery drain for some users.

An issue previously covered by Softpedia in regards to older iOS updates, the battery drain seems to be affecting a large number of iDevice users, according to a growing thread at Apple’s very own Discussions forums.

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