iOS 4.1 Packs Proximity Sensor, Bluetooth Fixes

People familiar with the latest iOS 4.1 beta from Apple have been able to confirm that the software includes fixes for the behavior of the proximity sensor found on iPhone 4 handsets, as well as fixes for problems with Bluetooth connectivity.

According to AppleInsider, Apple’s official release notes included with the iOS 4.1 beta 3 seed do not make any mentioning of these fixes, although the site believes efforts are being made in these directions.

The source claims that “time spent with the latest beta build shows a marked improvement with those features,” although major glitches persist, making the build unsuitable for a public release just yet.

Referring specifically to the proximity sensor fix, which Apple earlier promised it would roll out in a software update, the source claims that “the proximity sensor on the iPhone 4 is far more reliable,” citing experience with the iOS 4.1 beta.

It acknowledges that users have reported issues with the proximity sensor on iPhone 4 units, since the device launched in June.

However, iOS 4.1 addresses many issues that users have experienced, including problems with Bluetooth connectivity, AppleInsider notes.

The latest iOS 4.1 beta also adds a Game Center restriction, as revealed earlier.

Other changes noted by the source include the ability to turn on or off a "Check Spelling" feature in the Keyboard section of the iPhone's Settings application.

Now, “users can have misspelled or unrecognized words highlighted without enabling the Auto-Correction functionality,” the site outlines.

It makes references to older findings in iOS 4.1 betas, including Apple’s addition of email-based FaceTime calls.

The feature is likely Apple’s first step in allowing iPod touch owners to use the player as a communications device.

Also noteworthy is that camera controls now reposition between portrait and landscape orientations. Basically, the buttons remain atop the screen, regardless of orientation.

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