iMac Late 2012: Availability by Model, Specs, Pricing

All you need to know to make an informed decision this Friday

Apple today confirmed that it is launching the latest iMacs this month, in accordance with the company’s initial forecast. Customers looking to secure their own unit can read on below for details on availability by model, technicalities, and International prices.

The iMac, Apple’s all-in-one desktop gem, now comes with a sleek new design, as well as impressive specs to boot. The systems don’t come off as cheap, but Apple fans have come to appreciate the value behind each dollar spent on a brand new Mac.


The all-new “Late 2012” iMac will first arrive in its 21.5-inch configuration, this Friday, November 30. Apple is keeping on its promise to ship the new computer this month, even though it was about to miss its self-imposed deadline.

The 27-inch version is a different matter altogether. Proving even more difficult to manufacture, these uber iMacs will only be available next month (December). But you’ll be able to order one this Friday.


Geeks, grab your popcorn. The new iMac features 3rd-generation quad-core Intel Core i5 processors, upgradable to Core i7; NVIDIA’s latest GeForce processors for up to 60 percent faster gaming and other visually-intensive tasks; 8GB of 1,600 MHz memory (configurable to 32GB on the 27 incher); a 1TB Fusion Drive (configurable to 3TB), or a 768GB flash (SSD) drive.

The systems boast two Thunderbolt ports and four USB 3.0 connections. The built-in FaceTime HD camera is still there, and the computer ships with Apple’s wireless keyboard and Magic Mouse (or Magic Trackpad, depending on your needs).

Aesthetically, nothing on the market today can hold a stick at the new iMac. Those neatly tucked vent holes, the incredibly tapered design, and the crystal clear display almost beg of you to pluck that wallet out.


Not for the faint of heart, iMac Late 2012 starts at $1,299 in the US, €1.349 across EU territories, and £1,099 in the UK. These are the prices for the 21.5-inch configuration with no extra (memory, storage) options.

To max out your options, you can spend well over $2,000 / €2,000 / £1,800 for the high-end 27-inch version with additional RAM, solid-state storage, a higher-clocked CPU, etc.

Visit Apple’s online store starting this Friday to check out your options. If you’re absolutely determined to grab one, make sure you place your order as soon as possible – stock is expected to run dry very fast.

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