iGreen: China Readies to Build Giant Sphere Using Old CDs and DVDs

The iGreen is intended to be an aviation museum, yet will also accommodate plants

China is now making plans to build one of the largest spherical structures in the world, and what makes this news so very special environmentally-wise is that it plans to do it using recycled CDs and DVDs.

The sphere is expected to measure a whopping 50 meters (roughly 164 feet) in diameter, and architects explain that it will first and foremost serve as an aviation museum.

Still, as Inhabitat reports, it looks like this sphere will also accommodate some tropical plants, courtesy of the microclimate that is to be created inside it.

The same source informs us that work on this project will most likely be completed as early as the year 2015. Apparently, the sphere is to serve as the centerpiece to the Dream World park near Shanghai.

Needless to say, several thousand old CDs and DVDs will be used to piece together this architectural wonder.

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