iDeaUSA Releases iDeaPlay Tablet for Kids at Super Affordable Price

The company already sells Android tablets, but this is its first one aimed at children

Parents looking to purchase a kid friendly tablet will be faced with an impressive range of choices these days. And yet another company is willing to try to penetrate this increasingly crowded market.

iDeaUSA has pulled out of the bag its own attempt at drawing youngsters closer to technology, the iDeaPlay slate.

As with the majority of child slates, this one features a 7-inch screen with a resolution of 800 x 400 pixels. A 1.2-GHz dual-core A20 processor with 1GB of RAM is in charge of keeping things moving on the slate.

The iDeaPlay has been designed for children 4 and up, so the manufacturer has provided a silicone coating colored in vivid orange to keep the device safe in case of drops. It’s also water resistant if the child accidentally happens to spill liquids on it.

To provide a safe environment for children to be online, the iDeaPlay blocks age inappropriate content across social media and when browsing the web. Parents are also allowed to choose which apps their child is going to make use of.

iDeaPlay runs a version of the Famigo child interface, which is pre-loaded with free software like the Doodle Jump, Ice Rage or Toddle Fun Counting. Access to the iDeaApp Marketplace and Amazon app store is also granted, if children and parents want to download more content.

A feature that’s not common to most kiddie slates is the iDeaPlay running in “Regular Mode.” This translates into the ability to utilize the tablet in standard mode without any child-related customization. This way parents can also make use of the device.

The slate comes at a very attractive price and customers can grab theirs for $129 / €94.

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