grml 2012.05 Has Linux Kernel 3.3.7

Now based on Debian Testing Linux as of 28 May 2012

Michael Prokop proudly announced last evening, May 29th, the immediate availability for download of the final and stable release of the grml 2012.05 Debian-based operating system.

Dubbed Ponyhof, powered by Linux kernel 3.3.7 and based on Debian Testing (28/05/2012), the grml 2012.05 Linux distribution comes with new features, such as the ability to retrieve NUMA information with numactl, simplified support for brltty, and the ability to mount DCS-directory (configuration and scripts, debs - see man grml-autoconfig) using the 9p-virtio filesystem.

"As you might notice the grml-small flavour came back. So it's two flavours (grml-full + grml-small) and two architectures (x86 + amd64) now. The grml96 option - which provides the x86 and the amd64 version on one single ISO (grml96 = grml32 + grml64) - is available for your service as well."

"We want to thank all the people involved in this magnificent and awesome release. The Grml Developers, our Contributors and all the other people involved in this release." - said Michael Prokop in the official release announcement.

Highlights of grml 2012.05:

· Linux kernel 3.3.7 (with no additional modules);

· New wallpaper;

· Added sysstat;

· Added grml-hwinfo tool to retrive NUMA information from numactl;

· Re-added simplified support for brltty;

· Added support for the 9p-virtio filesystem, to mount DCS-directory (debs, configuration and scripts - see man grml-autoconfig for details);

· The ssh bootoption can be used to set a SSH password for the "grml" user and a new password for root;

· /media is now used as the default mount target;

· Removed the grml-feedback utility;

· Modified the end of the main syslinux config file with a few kB of lines made of # characters;

· Fixed the remaining issues.

Review image
grml 2012.05 - Image courtesy of grml

About grml

Grml is a live CD Linux distro based on Debian aimed mainly at system administrators. It's designed to run from the live CD and does not need a permanent installation.

Some use cases for Grml include system rescue, system and network administration, or an 'on-the-go' work environment. Grml comes with 2GB worth of packages included in the ISO and uses on-the-fly decompression to make them available to the user as needed.

Download grml 2012.05 right now from Softpedia.

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