flareGet 1.4-7 Popular Download Manager Receives Huge Update

This is probably the best download manager for Linux

flareGet, a full-featured, advanced, multi-threaded, multi-segment download manager and accelerator for Linux, has reached version 1.4-7.

flareGet is one of the best GUI-based download managers on Linux, at this time. This is not a statement made lightly, but some users might object that the full version of this application is shareware.

We reviewed flareGet and we've discovered that it greatly integrates with Firefox (it might work with other Internet browsers just as well). It has a huge number of features and it's incredibly fast.

Even if it might seem that it's the perfect application, it had some bugs and problems. The developers have been slow between releases, but the new version is quite extensive.

Highlights of flareGet 1.4-7:

• The resume support has been drastically improved and the users won't lose download anymore;

• The batch download support function has been improved;

• Support for download speed limits has been improved;

• The scheduler has been improved and redesigned;

• Support for multiple row selections/operations has been implemented;

• The downloads are no longer getting stuck at the end, and the bug that caused this problem has been eradicated;

• The grabber has been improved and now it has options for choosing the video quality and the filename;

• Support for refreshing URLs and cookies has been implemented;

• Users can now change the order of the downloads (move up & down);

• A download info dialog has been implemented;

• Support for checksum (hash) MD5 and SHA1 has been implemented;

• The menu bar has been improved and now it features more options;

• The maximum number of segments has been reduced to 16 from 32 (the large number of segments caused problems in the previous version);

• An auto-update feature has been added;

A complete list of changes and new features can be found in the official announcement.

Download flareGet 1.4-7 right now from Softpedia.

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