eBook Reader and Editing Software Calibre 1.36 Gets a Ton of New Features

The latest version of Calibre can be downloaded from Softpedia

eBook reader, editor, and library management software Calibre 1.36 is now available for download and sports an impressive number of new features and other various fixes.

Calibre is a very complex software and, even if the developer is releasing updates on a weekly basis, he still finds new things to add and older things to fix or improve. This update is just the latest one in a long line of improvements.

As usual, numerous aspects of the application have received various changes, but it seems that this week the Calibre developer focused more on new features, including one for DOCX documents that should prove very useful.

“Support has been added for cross references. Cross references that are used to insert hyperlinks are now converted into hyperlinks in the output document. Features to insert paragraph/page numbers are not supported,” reads the changelog.

According to the developer, a number of other features have been added. For example, a new tool to filter style information (Tools > Filter style information) has been added, support has been added for viewing Kepub files in the Calibre viewer by treating them as regular EPUB files, a few words of text are now shown for the Insert Link tool alongside the anchor name, copying all selected words by right clicking them and choosing “Copy to clipboard” is now allowed, and .ibook format files are now available in OPDS feeds.

Also, copying the list of errors from the Check Book tool to the clipboard by right clicking on the list of errors can now be done by the users, if the books being polished have an ORIGINAL_EPUB/AZW3 format the user will be notified that it's going to be used as the resource, the metadata plugin has been fixed in order to download metadata from OZON, and an error that occurred when checking the spelling has been fixed.

The Linux version of Calibre didn't get any special attention from the developer, but most of the changes and improvements for the software also apply to the Linux platform as well.

If you’ve decided to compile your own build of Calibre, be warned. It has many dependencies and it can be quite tricky. Fortunately, the developer also provides a complete list of dependencies, if you feel brave enough.

A lot more information can be found in the complete announcement, and you can also check out our review of Calibre and download Calibre 1.36 from Softpedia.

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