bada 2.0 ROM for Samsung Wave S8500 Leaks, Still Buggy

Samsung's bada mobile platform is still having some success nowadays when Android and iOS rule the global market.

It appears that the secret stays in the number and quality of the bada smartphones that the Korean manufacturer launched in the past to support its proprietary operating system.

Unfortunately, Samsung is a bit slow when it comes to delivering new firmware updates for its bada devices, which will ultimately push away the platform's fans and will probably make them embrace other operating systems.

However, Samsung already informed customers that it is working to release a new and improved version of its mobile platform, bada 2.0.

While the handset manufacturer has yet to make any official announcements regarding the exact launch date of bada 2.0, it appears that the guys over at Samfirmware have already got their hands on a 'beta' version of the firmware update.

Although the leaked bada 2.0 is still a work in progress, those who wish to test some of the features that will be embedded in the final version can download and flash it now courtesy to the guys over at Samfirmware.

It is worth mentioning that the leaked bada 2.0 is only compatible with the original Samsung Wave (8500) and that it comes with several bugs that are likely to be corrected in the final version.

The Samsung S8500 (Wave) firmware S8500XPKG5 (bada 2.0.1) has been released in July 2011 and is reportedly functional. In fact there's a long list with things that are working after flashing this firmware, including Calls, SMS, Home Screen Widgets, Music Player, Video Player and Camera.

Other new features that have been added and are fully functional with bada 2.0 are listed below:

- Dolphin Browser (includes download manager);

- GPS navigation with map downloads;

- FM Radio;

- Social Hub, Email and Music Hub;

- Chat On App, Caster App and Samsung Apps;

- Samsung Kies with Wi-Fi;

- Syncing of contact with Samsung Kies on PC;

- Voice Commands;

- Twitter App has been revamped;

- YouTube (no Search option crashes);

- Rotation.

Those who already flashed the new firmware also reported some things that do NOT work and need to be corrected, such as:

- Adding new widgets to home screen;

- IM doesn't work (all accounts);

- New Google app;

- Facebook app;

- Except Contacts users cannot sync any other data with Samsung Kies;

- When trying to switch-off the handset the OS crashes.

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