aptosid 2013-01 Is Powered by Linux Kernel 3.9

The distribution is based on Debian Sid as of 2013-05-05

Stefan Lippers-Hollmann had the pleasure of announcing today, May 5, the immediate availability for download of the aptosid 2013-01 Debian-based Linux operating system.

Dubbed Hesperides and powered by Linux kernel 3.9, aptosid 2013-01 is based on Debian Sid’s software repositories as of 5 May, 2013.

“Now that "wheezy" is about to be released, the version freeze that reached up to sid will be lifted again within the next few days.”

“Given that there are a number of high impact changes staging in experimental and are just waiting for the freeze to be lifted, the following 2-3 weeks might be slightly more vibrant and potentially less coordinated than usual in regard to package updates from Debian, therefore we recommend a little caution during dist-upgrades,” the official release announcement read.

Highlights of aptosid 2013-01:

• Linux kernel 3.9;

• Based on Debian Sid (2013-05-05);

• Xorg Server 1.12.4;

• KDE 4.8.4;

• KMS support has been enabled for Nvidia, AMD, Intel, Matrox, and drm-cirrus based graphics chipsets;

• DRI (3D) support for AMD Radeon chipsets;

• Iceweasel 10.0.12 ESR;

• Brand-new, SVG-based theme;

• Offline manual (available in English and German);

• Support for QXL graphics emulation (SPICE);

• Client support for network booting over NBD/PXE;

• Access Point support for many mac80211 based wlan cards;

• Added generic live media support for GRUB2, by implementing loopback.cfg generation;

• Added safety fallback for bootloader and generic EFI binary detection, to the live media;

• OpenFWWF 5.2 open source firmware support for four Broadcom AirForce 802.11b/g wireless cards;

• Support for many Atheros, RaLink, RealTek and Broadcom wlan cards.

aptosid 2013-01 is distributed as Live CD/DVD ISO images with the KDE and Xfce desktop environment, supporting both 32-bit and 64-bit architectures.

Download aptosid 2013-01 right now from Softpedia.

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