al-Qassam Hackers Create Equation to Determine Duration of Attacks on US Banks

The fifth week of Operation Ababil 2 has been initiated

As it turns out, Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Cyber Fighters like to take a mathematical approach to their operation, whose sole purpose is allegedly to get the controversial Innocence of Muslims movie removed from the Web.

In the first phase of Operation Ababil, they asked US Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta to solve an equation. Now, in the fifth week of Operation Ababil 2, they make calculations to determine for how long they’ll keep attacking United States financial institutions.

They’ve selected a number of five instances of the Innocence of Muslims movie currently present on YouTube – all of them with over one million views.

By taking into consideration their total number of views, likes, and dislikes, the costs that US banks should pay for each view (arbitrarily set by the hackers), the total days that have already passed, and other factors, they’ve determined that they will launch distributed denial-of-service (DDOS) attacks for 169 days.

However, the equation contains a lot of variables that could change at any time. For example, if another instance of the movie is added, or they might include instances that currently have less than 1 million views on YouTube.

“We have repeatedly stated that removal of the offensive video, INNOCENCE OF MUSLIMS, from YouTube is the simplest solution to stop the cyber-attacks. But on the other hand, decision-makers in America have adopted the toughest, most expensive and least effective method,” the hacktivists wrote in their latest statement.

“We say to the people that now, in these unfavorable economic conditions, your capitals in the banks are influenced by childish decisions of some capitalists who do not consider anything but their own interests. Perhaps more attacks make them wiser to be able to choose a simpler solution.”

They added, “Cyber-attacks of al-Qassam C.F. in recent weeks showed that despite the high cost of U.S. banks to deal with these attacks, the attacks cannot go under control and are unstoppable.”

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