Zzyzx Is Most Bizarre Baby Name Ever, Survey Reveals

20 percent of the people surveyed said Zzyzx was the weirdest name they had ever heard

The name Zzyzx, pronounced as “Zay-Zix,” was reportedly voted as the most bizarre baby name ever by the eBabyNames.com visitors.

According to the website's research, the strange name has been given to at least five babies in the United States in the past 15 years, so it's not just a made up moniker, and 20 percent of the 1,500 people who participated in their recent survey said Zzyzx was the weirdest name they had ever heard.

A quick search on the Internet reveals that Zzyzx is actually the name of a town and a road in San Bernardino, California, and it is believed to mean “the last place on Earth.” This name was apparently given to those places because it is the last word in the English language.

While Zzyzx might not sound too weird as a name for a place, voters argued that it's simply not suitable for a baby.

“Zzyzx sounds like a manner in which you scratch your throat when you have a cold coming on,” one voter from Maryland said, as cited by Daily Mail.

Now, what if a child bearing this bizarre name grows up to be someone important, like a doctor or president, wouldn't it be weird to introduce himself as Zzyzx?

Other odd names voted as part of the survey include Nimrod, Moo, Lucifer, Jealousy, and ZamZam.

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