Zurich Apple Retail Store Revealed in Pictures

Apple's third store in the territory sports an underground space, just like the iconic Fifth Ave. store

ifoAppleStore, the source dealing exclusively with news and information about Apple's retail stores, has posted a collection of pictures taken before and after the opening of the Zurich Apple Store, Bahnhofstrasse.

The Apple Store at 77 Bahnhofstrasse (Zurich) is Apple’s third store in Switzerland. Opened just last week (on Friday), the store was scheduled to have a noon opening, as reported by MacPrime. The newly opened store is dubbed as “unique” by those at ifoAppleStore, although the source itself points out (original text below) that it is the second Apple store in the world – after the iconic Fifth Avenue store – to have a below-the-ground retail space.

New Zurich Store Revealed–Unique!

May 21st, 2009

The interior of the new Bahnhofstrasse (Zurich) retail store has been revealed in photos that show a glass stairway to a basement level where the Genius Bar is located. It’s only the second store after Fifth Avenue (NYC) to have a below-ground retail space. The storefront mirrors the new open-front design with a small, suspended Apple logo over the front door. Inside, the design includes the standard stone floor, wood display tables and stainless steel walls.

Whether or not the store has some other architectural particularities that make it unique remains to be seen. However, since NYC's cube'd store really is unique, while the Bahnhofstrasse is second to it sporting a below-the-ground space, we can also regard Zurich's third new store as being special.

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Image credits: Apple

For those who live nearby the Bahnhofstrasse store, Apple reveals that, this summer, your child can learn how to make a film, a digital slide show, or write a song in what Apple calls the “Summer Camp.” Children aged 8 to 12 will learn to edit their projects on a Mac and “quite incidentally discover their hidden talents,” Apple says.

Check out more on the Bahnhofstrasse store here. Photos taken as the covering was removed from the front windows can be seen over at ifoAppleStore.

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