Zscaler Unveils New Analytics Technology to Provide Real-Time Visibility into Global Traffic

The new platform takes Big Visibility to the next level

Cloud security solutions provider Zscaler has unveiled a new analytics technology that allows security professionals to gain real-time visibility into all employee activities, including on web, cloud email and mobile platforms.

The new technology relies on the processing of over 10 billion global Internet transactions that take place across the Zscaler Security Cloud network. The “Big Analytics” that results from this instantly offers insight into threats, compliance violations and user productivity.

“Zscaler’s Security Cloud with its Nanolog technology has enabled us to consolidate our reporting from SQL servers in 18 different locations to a single dashboard,” explained Charles Jacks, principal architect at Ralcorp Holdings, Inc.

“The new Zscaler analytics platform takes Big Visibility to the next level - enabling even non-IT staff to instantly garner insights into security and productivity issues wherever they exist.”

In addition to this real-time global visibility, customers will also benefit from an advanced report creation capability that leverages an API layer, role-based access control, and log storage simplification made possible by the Nanolog technology.

Users will be correlated very easily in the Security Cloud, even if they switch devices, locations or platforms.

“Enterprises face several key reporting and analysis challenges with their current appliance-based approach. The new analytics capability in the Zscaler Security Cloud delivers a number of benefits that really raise the bar for security analytics performance, scope and cost-savings,” said Dr. Manoj Apte, senior vice president of product management at Zscaler.

“For example, Zscaler eliminates reporting across multiple locations, which typically requires coordination of multiple administrators, deployment of additional services to collect log data, and personnel to run scripts and ensure log collection and data visualization are properly done,” Apte added.

“We also eliminate personnel costs related to reporting and forensic investigation, compliance responses (internal and external), and additional hardware and storage for log analysis.”

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