Zotac's GeForce GTX 660 Destroyer Dual-Traction Cooling

This is one video card that, sadly, won't be available everywhere

Even if there had been a bit more haste in creating the new video card from Zotac, people from around the world would not have gotten the chance to buy and use it, unless they lived in one particular country.

As people must have surmised, Zotac has put together a new graphics adapter, one that won't be available everywhere.

As it happens, this information doesn't even come directly from the company, but from Expreview China.

Apparently, the new GeForce GTX 660 graphics adapter is a factory-overclocked video controller.

The extra clock speed is minor, but there will be a lot of room for further clock tweaking. In fact, Zotac has specifically designed the card with this in mind.

On that note, there are two power connectors available, one of 8 pins and one of 6. These fuel the high-grade VRM, which, in turn, enables the overclocking headroom we’ve mentioned.

Sadly, the leak does not specify the actual performance numbers, so we have to wait for sales to begin before we can know what the frequencies are.

On the bright side, the cooler is fairly clearly shown in the press photo, with its copper heatpipes (8 mm thick), two 99 mm fans.

The fans are particularly relevant because they spin in opposing directions, maximizing the airflow hurled at the dense aluminum fin array.

Overall, Zotac's GeForce GTX 660 Destroyer DTC (dual-traction cooling), as the product is called, sounds like a promising video board for gamers.

One might wonder why the IT player has waited so long to reveal it instead of launching it earlier in the holiday shopping season. The answer is easy enough. Rather than Christmas and the Calendar New Year day, Zotac is aiming it at the period before the Chinese Lunar New Year. That means the January-February period of 2013.

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