Zotac Refreshes ZBOX Nano XS Mini PC

The small computer gets AMD Radeon DH 7340 graphics

Among the many mini personal computers on the market, Zotac's ZBOX have a reputation due to their box-like shape and glowing circle on top. It makes them noticeable but in an unobtrusive way.

The company has now announced an update to the ZBOX nano XS series, one that has an AMD E2-1800 accelerated processing unit and the AMD Radeon HD 7340 integrated graphics.

Just so there are no misunderstandings, the GPU is integrated in the APU itself (Brazos 2.0 processor).

Zotac also allows customers to get the system as a barebone (without memory and storage) or with 2 GB RAM and a 64 GB SSD.

In any case, the ZBOX has an HDMI output, Wi-Fi, High-amperage USB charging, a VESA 75/100 mount (bundled) and an MCE-compatible remote w/ USB IR receiver (also bundled).

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