Zorin OS 3.1, the First Update for the LTS Distro, Is Here

The long-term support Zorin OS 3 has gotten its first update. Zorin OS 3.1 provides updated packages, bug and security fixes. It also features some enhancements and improvements, such as customized applications and better art.

"We have released the first updated version of our Zorin OS 3 Long Term Support release series," an announcement on the Zorin OS blog read.

"Zorin OS 3.1 features a whole host of updates to Zorin OS 3 including an updated Linux Kernel, security updates, upgraded programs, application changes and some aesthetic updates," it added.

The main reason for using Zorin OS 3.1 at this point is the long-time support. If you want to make sure that your operating system is supported for a long time, until 2013 in this case, then Zorin OS 3.1 may be a good choice, even as Zorin OS 5 is available.

"Zorin OS 3 will be provided with security updates until April 2013, which is the ideal solution for deployments in corporate environments to keep costs down and reduce maintenance while still using a secure and up-to-date operating system," the announcement detailed.

Zorin OS 3.1 is based on Ubuntu 10.04, a LTS version of the popular Ubuntu distro. This ensures that Zorin OS 3.1 will receive security and minor version for all of the packages included in the default configuration.

As long as the automatic updates are enabled, you won't have to worry about vulnerabilities for a couple more years, while enjoying a rock-solid release, since LTS versions are more thoroughly tested than regular releases.

If you've had Zorin OS 3 installed so far, you've already received all of the updates included in Zorin OS 3.1. The updated ISOs are aimed at new users.

Zorin OS 3.1 and Zorin OS 5 are available for download here on Softpedia.

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