Zombie Apocalypse Science – Video

Could zombies really exist or are they entirely fictitious beings?

With Halloween upon us, today is perhaps the best day to ask ourselves the years-old question: could zombies really exist? Could certain conditions turn man into a beast that knows no reason, is extremely aggressive, feeds on flesh and is in no way identifiable as human anymore?

The answer is in the video above but, as it so happens, you might not be ready for it. “It” being here the zombie apocalypse.

Created by ASAP Science, the video explains how zombie-like creatures are an actual possibility if affected with the “right” virus that targets certain parts of the brain without actually destroying it completely.

The video is written and created by Mitchell Moffit and Gregory Brown, who deserve credit for making science so accessible to us all and who, at the same time, are giving us a real reason to freak out.

And Happy Halloween as well!

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