ZombiU Player Deaths Create 300,000 Strong Zombie Characters

The developers want to use them for major world event

The development team at the Montpellier studio of Ubisoft, who created the action title ZombiU, has revealed that since the game launched, player deaths have led to the creation of no less than 300,000 zombie characters.

At the moment, they are all stored on the game servers and the team is thinking about using them in order to affect the larger game world.

Guillaume Brunier, a producer at Ubisoft, tells Nintendo World Report that, “We’re having a lot of fun doing this. And we have many ideas to get this ball rolling. One in particular is about our 300,000 plus zombified friends stored on our servers. Who knows what we could do with them.”

ZombiU is a rather unforgiving game, where a player needs to pay constant attention to his environment in order to avoid death.

When zombies overwhelm him, a character joins their ranks and players need to continue the game with another avatar.

This creates an interesting mechanics where gamers have to face older and failed versions of themselves in order to recuperate any rare items and get the resources to then progress.

Ubisoft did not offer any details on how the 300,000 zombie characters could be used in the near future.

The Montpellier studio has continued to support the game after it was launched and has even changed the game world slightly, leaving messages for gamers and rewarding those who complete the toughest challenges that ZombiU has to offer.

Brunier adds, “We wanted to be able to surprise players by being very close to them.”

ZombiU was one of the launch titles of the new Wii U home console on all territories and many gamers saw it as one of a limited number of games that used the new GamePad controller effectively.

Ubisoft has not yet offered official sales figures for ZombiU.

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