Zombi U Has Huge Twist, Few Players Will Find It

Gamers will get an experience similar to that of Dark Souls

Gabrielle Shrager, a story director working on Zombi U, reveals that there’s at least one big twist in the upcoming undead powered Wii U game, which just the most dedicated members of the fan base will be able to find.

The developer tells the Official Nintendo Magazine that, “There is a twist. ZombiU is a thriller, but only the most persistent and best-prepared survivors will discover what the twist is before the reveal.”

She adds, “I’m sure the first survivors won’t resist the urge to spill the beans, but I hope others won’t spoil it for themselves.”

In the age of the Internet and big message boards, it is getting harder and harder for developers to include complex twists in their games, because players have a natural tendency to talk about all aspects of the story and even those who want to go in spoiler-free tend to have a baggage of information soon after the game launches.

Zombi U will see gamers play a traditional first-person shooter using the new control features of the Wii U home console.

The game focuses on the city of London, where survivors need to fight waves of zombies and avoid getting bitten.

The game features permanent character death, which means that if a character is turned into a zombie, players will have to choose another one to play as and might even face their former incarnation in battle.

The new GamePad controller will be used by Zombi U to control the inventory and to allow players to take a quick look at the map and other game details.

Zombi U is a launch game for the new Wii U home console from Nintendo.

The device will be introduced in the United States on November 18, with European gamers able to get access to it on November 30 and those in Japan able to buy it on December 8.

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