ZevenOS-Neptune 3.1 Efficiently Combines KDE and Debian 7.0

This is the first service release for the 3.0 branch of Neptune

ZevenOS-Neptune, a Linux operating system fully based upon Debian Stable, except for a newer kernel and some drivers, has just reached version 3.1.

ZevenOS-Neptune 3.1 has been dubbed “Brotkasten” and it's considered to be the first service release of the 3.0 branch.

“This release features the linux kernel 3.9.2 and is exclusively meant to run on 64bit CPUs. The Debian base system was updated to the released version 7.0 wheezy to provide a stable user experience. The KDE Plasma Desktop ships with version 4.10.3.

“Chromium was updated to version 26, Kdenlive 0.9.6, Amarok 2.7.1 and LibreOffice to version 4.0.3. We ship with the latest and greatest multimedia codecs preinstalled aswell as the flashplayer. For wireless diagnosis we ship Wireshark, Aircrack-ng and kismon,” reads the official announcement.

ZevenOS-Neptune 3.1 is one of the few distributions that actually blend, successfully, Debian Wheezy 7.0 with KDE.

Highlights of ZevenOS-Neptune 3.1 “Brotkasten”:

• The brand new Ardour 3.1 audio editing suite, has been added. It also includes the jackd audio daemon;

• The disk-manager has been added to manage the /etc/fstab mount options;

• Apper has been added as the default software center;

• Linux kernel has been updated to version 3.9.2;

• KDE has been updated to version 4.10.3;

• f2fs filesystem support has been added;

• Gparted has been updated;

• LibreOffice has been updated to version 4.0.3;

• knetworkmounter has been added;

• Amarok music player has been updated to version 2.7.1;

• Kdenlive has been updated to version 0.9.6;

• Multiarch has been enabled;

• The distribution is now built as a hybridiso.

A complete list of changes and updates can be found in the official announcement. Users who already have installed the 3.0 version just have to perform a simple system update.

In order to update the KDE desktop environment, you will have to enable the Neptune KDE Repository.

Download ZevenOS-Neptune 3.1 “Brotkasten” right now from Softpedia.

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