Zenwalk Live 7.2 Has Linux Kernel 3.2.5

The distribution also provides support for aufs 3.2, bootsplash and bfs schedule

Zenwalk Live 7.2 is finally here, just a few days after Zenwalk 7.2 standard edition has been launched, with quite a few modifications.

Zenwalk Live 7.2 comes with a lot of fine tuning and a lot of packages have been upgraded since the last development version, to reflect recent changes in Zenwalk upstream.

Even if it looks pretty much like Zenwalk 7.2, the live version, Zenlive is powered by kernel 3.2.5, with support for aufs 3.2, bootsplash and bfs schedule, not to mention the fact that it's featuring the slackware-live-scripts 0.3.6 framework.

“I decided to stick with Wicd as the graphical network config tool although Zenwalk standard edition is using Network Manager as a replacement,” stated Sebastian Reisse from the development team.

“The main reason for that was that Network Manager requires to enter the root password if configuring new WiFi connections while Wicd handles that part a bit "smarter" and therefore fits better in the context of this live system,” he continued.

In any case, since ZenLive will no longer fit on a CD, it will only be released as a DVD iso.

Highlights of Zenwalk Live 7.2 (Zenlive):

• New xz compression squashfs 4.0 has been made available, vanilla kernel;

• All new simple Installer and Live-scripts have been added;

• On-the-fly optional live module activation during the running live session has been added;

• Persistent changes feature is now supported, even over network shares;

• Besides standard Zenwalk package set, ZenLive now provides some additional packages for more functionality;

• Additional language packs & full Japanese language input support have been added;

• Fluxbox window manager and related apps now included in ZenLive ISO to provide an alternative to Xfce4;

• Broadcom wifi STA proprietary driver (wl.ko) is shipped with this release as optional live module.

More details about this release can be found in the official announcement.

Download Zenwalk Live 7.2 (Zenlive) right now from Softpedia.

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