Zenwalk Live 7.0 Is Now Available for Download

The live version of the latest Zenwalk 7.0 has been released, enabling users wanting to test the Linux distribution without installing it to give it a spin. Zenwalk Live (ZenLive) 7.0 comes with the same applications and environment from the regular Zenwalk release, but adds a few updates and some changes.

"We are happy to announce the highly awaited Zenwalk Live 7.0, which will allow more people to try out Zenwalk without having to install it first," Jean-Philippe Guillemin announced.

"Zenwalk Live 7.0 is based on the sophisticated Slackware-Live-Scripts, being the first distribution using the brand new and not yet official released version 0.3.3," he explained.

Zenwalk Live 7.0 follows after the release of Zenwalk 7.0, a little over a month ago. The latest addition to the Zenwalk family comes with an updated kernel, the very latest XFCE 4.8 desktop, LibreOffice, as well as un-branded versions of Mozilla Firefox and Thunderbird, IceCat and IceDove, respectively.

"Zenwalk Live consists of standard Zenwalk ISO packages following the main Zenwalk release with the latest XFCE desktop and applications and is shipped with a new artwork theme, additional localization packages for icecat/icedove and the nvidia proprietary driver," the announcement detailed.

The 'live' Linux kernel bundled with Zenwalk Live 7.0 comes with the same improvements as the regular one, such as support for aufs2, BFS scheduler, Bootsplash and Squashfs 4.0 compressed with LZMA.

Zenwalk Live 7.0 has a persistent home option, if you want to use the live environment but not lose all of your settings and changes. Alternatively, you can install a full Zenwalk environment from the live CD/USB.

Zenwalk Linux Live 7.0 is available for download here on Softpedia.

Zenwalk Linux 7.0 is available for download here on Softpedia.

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